Keyword Searches

by rgrunber

I’m not exactly sure how many people use keyword searches, but it has been very useful for quickly getting to the information I need. Let’s say I want to browse the Fedora source code repository for Maven. I could just check out the repository, but what if there’s a lot of repositories I’d like to look through. Is it really necessary to check out each one ?

Since the Fedora’s repositories have a nice web interface that allows searching through all the packages, I can create a keyword search for that page. Although I’ve done this for Firefox, most web browsers should have some kind of support as well.

To do this we create a regular bookmark. We edit the bookmark by adding a keyword to it. This will activate the search when typed into the address bar. In addition we may need to modify the URL to define where the query should appear.

In the case of Fedora’s git repositories, the URL should be of the form :

Where “%s” will be the name of the package to search.

Activating the search is just a matter of typing the keyword followed by the name of the package.

Aside from searching various Wiki pages, this has also been useful for searching Koji, Bodhi, and PkgDB.