EclipseCon 2013

by rgrunber

Late March (yes, I know this is a late post) was my first time attending an EclipseCon Boston 2013 conference and I have to say, it was a great experience. I also presented a tutorial session on profiling C/C++ applications.

Some people have been asking about the environment (USB persistence boot) that was used for the tutorial session, so I’ve created a repository, fedora-myiso, with the necessary info. It’s basically using the livecd-tools package within Fedora, and custom packaged RPM to set up Eclipse with the CDT, some Linux Tools Project plugins, and a pre-loaded workspace ready to go. The final step is to just burn the resulting ISO with or without a persistence boot and EFI support.

One thing I liked about this conference, was that I was finally able to meet a lot of Eclipse foundation members/committers/enthusiasts in person. Too often I’ll be messaging people that I haven’t met before.

The conference has also given me some other things to look into :

  • Event-based profiling data into LTTng (ie. perf/systemtap providing hardware/software events)
 probe {
 printf ("%s %d\n", execname(), gettimeofday_us());

The above script could achieve this. We would probably need to auto-generate the required probes but the main idea is there. The data could go into the LTTng timeline view, once properly formatted.

I also learnt that America runs on Dunkin’.